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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5AM  CBS  September 22, 2010 4:00am-5:00am PST

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good morning, it's wednesday, september 22. i'm elizabeth wenger. >> i'm sydnie kohara. good mornin everyone. good morning. time coming up is 6:00 -- no, just 5:00. don't get too excited there. gianna, good morning. >> good morning. all right. let's start off with a look at the bay bridge here and your approaches, as well. we have a wind advisory to report. chp issued it about 3:00 this morning. it's going to affect your driver on the upper and lower decks. overall the approach to the bay bridge not bad. metering lights are of and traffic is cruising as you approach the pay gates through there. that's a look at your weather. back up to you. that's a check of your traffic. here's tracy with your forecast. hey, thanks, elizabeth. our forecast for today plenty of sunshine expected and here's a look at your temperatures. lower 70s from concord and livermore, mid-70s in fairfield. 75 napa, 76 santa rosa, 69 vallejo, 68 in oakland. it's breezy throughout this morning especially just along the coastline and around the bay. 71 in fremont. 73 in san jose.
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and 66 degrees in san francisco. today's temperatures no big deal but what about triple- digit highs? i said it. yeah. we'll take a look at the seven- day forecast in just a few moments. >> tracy, thanks very much. 5:01. a veteran san jose police officer is under investigation for handcuffing his daughter's 15-year-old boyfriend pretending to arrest him. the reason? for having sex with his 14-year- old stepdaughter. the officer says he did not fake an arrest. he was trying to scare the boy straight according to the officer's lawyer. now, the boy was charged with unlawful sexual intercourse after his parents complained about the officer. the "mercury news" says the girl was also cited. that officer is now on administrative leave while prosecutors determine whether the officer committed criminal false imprisonment. we'll have more on the story in a live report at 5:30. a man was shot dead in oakland. police are looking into what happened. this happened last night around 6:30 in the 1200 block of
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macarthur boulevard. police responded to a report of shots fired and found one person hit. he was taken to the hospital and pronounced dead. no suspects and no motive so far. teenagers in the north bay and in the south bay are facing felony charges for crashes that killed passengers in their cars. the latest on the almaden expressway at o'grady drive in south san jose. an suv slammed into a pole and caught fire about 3:00 yesterday morning. an 18-year-old was trapped in the burning car and died. more than 200 people gathered last night for a memorial. it was right there at the scene of the crash. emily childress is the victim's ex-girlfriend. >> everyone needs to learn from this and not just, like, take it lightly because it's horrible. it's, like, the biggest tragedy ever. >> 18-year-old mitchell pennings from san jose was
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found wandering near the accident scene. he had minor injuries. he is charged with felony dui, fleeing the scene of a crash and vehicular manslaughter. the 16-year-old novato high school student facing charges in a crash last week that killed a classmate has now been released from the hospital. police say he has been booked into juvenile hall on suspicion of drunk driving and vehicular manslaughter. the crash on novato boulevard killed a 15-year-old boy and injured the driver and three other teens. they are all novato high school students. a sketch has been released of a suspect who attacked two separate women near lake merritt. this is who oakland police are look for. the attacks happened late sunday night. both women robbed and sexually assaulted. women in the neighborhood are being told to be alert and stay in well lighted areas. san francisco is a step closer to expanding its ban on tobacco sales at stores that have pharmacies. that ban would include larger stores such as walgreens,
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safeway and costco. supervisors have given it initial approval. mayor newsom says he will sign it when it gets to his desk. it would go into effect 30 days later, but there were not enough votes to override the mayor's promised veto of a new fee on alcoholic drinks in bars and restaurants. the money would have gone toward alcohol treatment programs. the mayor called it anti- business. it may soon be harder to catch an a.c. transit bus during certain hours. the transit agency is proposing to eliminate half of its weekend routes and most late night lines to help balance the budget. there is a plan to outsource paratransit buses for seniors and the disabled. a.c. transit says the cuts could save $12 million. that issue will be taken up at tonight's meeting. if approved, the service reductions will take effect in december. time now 5:04. let's check the traffic and weather. gianna? >> not too bad. first reports of an accident,
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but it's a minor one, no lanes blocked. northbound 101 at 680 over to the center divide. no injuries. chp will head out to take a report. you can pretty much see all our freeways throughout the south bay are look good. very light so far this morning. if you are headed to the bay bridge, the upper deck, lower deck, chp has issued a wind advisory. use caution. 18 minutes from the bridge to the maze. and roadwork to report. 101 southbound through brisbane various lanes blocked as well as northbound 101 as you work your way through oyster point to brisbane so give yourself some extra time through there. that's a look at traffic. let's check your weather. here's tracy. >> hey, thanks, gianna. out the door this morning, we have a few areas of low clouds especially inland. partly cloudy and breezy around the bay and low clouds at the coast. temperatures for the morning from the upper 40s, yeah, not a lot of clouds out there so cooling off in the overnight hours, to 60 degrees around the
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bay. for the afternoon temperatures are slightly warmer today. sunny, mild inland anywhere from 70 to 78 degrees. mostly sunny around the bay and slightly breezy with temperatures ranging from 65 to 68 degrees. and mostly sunny and breezy along the coastline. a nice afternoon expected. hot temperatures, real hot temperatures are on the way. we'll take a look at the seven- day forecast coming up. back to you. >> thank you. it is 5:06. coming up next, people in walnut creek upset with city hall in pleasant hill. the burger joint at the center of a growing border dispute. and the bay area city that's tops in the nation. unfortunately, it's for bad roads. ,,,,
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good morning. you're looking live at the bay bridge toll plaza. we have a wind advisory for the bay bridge, give yourself some extra time. more traffic coming up in 6 minutes. thank you, gianna. several streets are closed in pleasant hill as crews try to fix a water main break there. i believe we have a live look at the intersection of morello avenue and kiki drive. that's where the break was reported around 7:30 last night. this is the second water main break in the area in the past eight days. this break has is in a different segment of the same pipe. no cars are being allowed to pass on north and viking drive as crews work to fix the problem and we'll hopefully bring you those live pictures coming up in a little bit. san jose is number one in the country and it's not good. according to a new report of, the city has the worst roads in the country. 64% of roads in the san jose metropolitan area are rated in
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poor condition. that is according to the national transportation research group or tripp. four of the top story five worst roads are in the bay area, in concord and in the san francisco/oakland metropolitan area, tied 58%. the national average is 24%. 5:10. a border war going on in the east bay and it is all about burgers. there is a plan to build a new in-n-out restaurant on north main street in pleasant hill on the city limit line with walnut creek. some walnut creek residents who live near the proposed site are worried about traffic congestion from the extra cars driving through their neighborhoods. and they are also worried about garbage and exhaust from cars lining up for the drive through. and while pleasant hill could get up to $50,000 a year in taxes, walnut creek residents say their city wouldn't benefit at all. >> we expect 1200 to 1500 cars who will be coming through in-n- out burger and many of them will take a shortcut right
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through my neighborhood. people are already doing it. >> i think it's certainly a valid concern and we'll try to work with all the parties to, you know, come up with a design that minimizes that concern. >> some options include reconfiguring the median on main street and moving the drive through so it's not as close to the border. in-n-out says the proposal isn't a done deal yet and it's willing to incorporate the concerns of neighbors into site plan revisions. well, this community debate brings us to our question of the day. >> would you mind if a fast- food restaurant opened near your neighborhood? you can send your comments to or post your answers on facebook. we're also on twitter. >> i imagine there are plenty of neighborhoods out there who already have fast-food restaurants. >> i guess it's relative. like i'd rather have a view of the golden gate bridge. [ laughter ] >> right. if it was that or a strip club, i'd take the dunkin' donuts any day. >> we'll see what you have to
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say. it's 5:11. fall begins tonight. it will feel like fall. >> fall officially arrives at 8:09 tonight. but don't get used to it. triple-digit highs are moving into the bay area. say what??? yeah, near 100 degrees. i have those hot temperatures coming up. ,, this is your captain speaking, we are fourteenth in line for take off. beep, beep, beep. looks like its bumper to bumper on the interstate. i gotta get to cleveland! should have skipped that second soda. remove your belt, your watch, your shoes. i wonder what gas costs today. seven dollars for a pillow! an extra bag costs what? i hate traffic! (train child) the train is now arriving. (announcer) the train has arrived indeed. amtrack. enjoy the journey.
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good morning from the traffic center. we start off with a live look at the bay bridge. the upper and lower decks. no accidents. the chp has issued a wind advisory so use caution across the span from oakland into san francisco as well as the lower deck. now, the toll plaza itself checking in problem-free. traffic very light. no delays as you approach the pay gates. the metering lights are off. if you're working your way on the san mateo bridge, both directions problem-free. an easy 13 minutes between 880 and 101. and checking the golden gate bridge, traffic very light, as well. no troubles to report southbound 101 as you work your way out of marin county to the waldo tunnel and the span. traffic flowing freely on the golden gate bridge . closures in san francisco, howard is shut down between 3rd and 4th streets for oracle open world. that will be in effect until friday. also, it's going to affect your drive on mason between ellis and o'farrell and eastbound
5:16 am
taylor also closed right around o'farrell. expect congestion in the area. use mass transit as an alternate, which is problem- free. minor accident northbound 101 connector to southbound 680. couple of cars tangled up it's off on the center divide. that's a look at your commute. let's check your forecast. good morning, tracy. >> good morning, gianna. out the door this morning, a few areas of low clouds inland. partly cloudy and breezy conditions around the bay for the morning and some low clouds along the coastline. temperatures for the morning from the upper 40s to just near 50 degrees. minor frontal system has cleared the bay area. back behind it still fairly breezy for the coastline and the bay for the afternoon with temperatures from 60 to 68 degrees, sunny and mild inland from 70 to 78. here are the clouds associated with that minor frontal system that's pushed through the bay area. back behind it, nice sea breeze kicking in. plenty of sunshine is expected today and temperatures pretty close to yesterday a tad warmer. 72 in santa clara. 73 in san jose.
5:17 am
these temperatures still below average. 70 in mountain view and sunnyvale. 70 in palo alto. and the lower to the mid-60s from pacifica to half moon bay. east bay locations in the upper 70s in antioch and in brentwood. lower 70s in concord and walnut creek, dublin at 71. 73 livermore. upper 60s in san leandro and hayward. 68 oakland. 65 degrees in berkeley. north bay locations today, the 70s. 75 in sonoma and napa. 74 petaluma. 69 in novato. 72 in kentfield, mid-60s from sausalito to san francisco. today's pretty uneventful with your temperatures. but take a look at what will happen as we move into the weekend. tomorrow, gradually warmer. friday, a little warmer. and take a look at that weekend. saturday and sunday the mid- 90s. but monday, we're forecasting 99 degrees in our hottest spots. mid-70s expected along the coast line. temperatures will be in the 80s for the bay and even pretty hot
5:18 am
still for tuesday. it is again officially the first weekend of fall but hey, it is what it is. that's a look at your weather. back up to you. >> thank you. that's for sure. i'm so excited. all right. thank you, tracy. here's a look at this morning's top stories. a sketch has been released of a suspect who attacked two separate women near lake merritt. those attacks happened late sunday night. both women were robbed and sexually assaulted. women in the neighborhood are being told to be alert and stay in well lighted areas. despite a cold, governor schwarzenegger has called for a budget meeting with the senate assembly today. he asked the leaders to meet closer to his home in los angeles. they will discuss a nearly $19 billion deficit. today is the 84th day the stay has gone without a budget. congress is holding a hearing today to look into the recent salmonella outbreak in nationwide egg recalls. half a billion eggs were pulled from store shelves. that was over the summer. more than 1,000 people got sick. the eggs were linked to a pair
5:19 am
of farms in iowa. not as many people are happy with san francisco's muni service. a new survey from the agency shows only 52% of riders think muni doing odjob. that is the lowest approval rating for the transit system in nearly a decade. 55% of riders rated service as good or excellent when that survey was last taken, about three years ago. the satisfaction rate hasn't been this low since 2001. that's when 48% said they were satisfied with muni service. the governor of nevada recovering from being thrown off a horse. jim gibbons is at the reno medical center. no word on the extent of injuries. a spokesman says the 65-year- old governor is moving his arms and legs and that he is coherent and alert. gibbons was helping to break a young horse at a ranch when it threw him late yesterday afternoon. it is 5:19. still to come, what's happened to the dead whale that washed ashore on san francisco's ocean beach. also ahead, why this dog has
5:20 am
set a world record. can you tell? >> what's different about this dog? ,,,,,,,, [ male announcer ] the turn changes everything.
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city with a high temperature of 71. 72 in santa clara and 74 degrees in cupertino. temperatures warming up more than 20 degrees as we move into the weekend. we'll take a look at your seven- day forecast with more weather in just 6 minutes. and the first day of fall begins today, as well. so nice and cool out there. tracy, thanks very much. it is 5:23. let's go to pleasant hill. there is a water main break in pleasant hill. these are live pictures where several streets are closed right now. this is morello and kiki drive, where the break was reported at 7:30 last night. several homes were without water for a while. we are checking to see if service has been restored. this is the second water main break in the area in the past eight days. now, this break that you're seeing is in a different segment but in the same pipe. no cars are being allowed to pass on north and viking drive as crews try to repair the problem. the dead whale that washed ashore monday morning has been
5:24 am
buried now at san francisco's ocean beach. the carcass is about 50 feet long and may be an endangered fin whale. biologists are testing dna samples just to find out for sure, but results won't be back for a couple of months. it's still not clear how the whale died but it had a slash along its back. now, that suggests it may have been hit by a boat propeller. denied. japan says no to paris, paris hilton. >> excited to be in tokyo. >> the country, though, wouldn't let her in so she is going home. hilton has been scheduled to promote her fashion and fragrance in tokyo but under japanese law immigration authorities can send away anyone who has been convicted of a drug-related offense. the 29-year-old heiress pleaded guilty on monday to cocaine possession. hilton was arrested outside a las vegas hotel/casino last month. you might remember police accused her of having cocaine in her purse.
5:25 am
she like pulled out some lip gloss i guess? now she claims the purse did not belong to her. a dog in north texas has made its way into the guinness book of world records. >> yeah. i like guy. he is the longest tongue of any dog in the world. puggy the 10-year-old pekingese may be small but his tongue -- oh, my gosh -- 4.5" long. the owner says he was abandoned as a puppy, possibly because of his strange look. well, now it's his appearance that's earning him worldwide fame. >> makes kneel good that he can bring a smile to someone's face. i mean, dad himself, it brings him so much joy. i never thought his tongue was ugly. just added to his character. >> i don't think he can -- can he eat with that thing? >> i don't know. [ laughter ] >> puggy's other than says he has no problem managing the extra long tongue. other new animal record holders are boo boo the smallest dog,
5:26 am
just 4" long and weighing 24- ounce and giant george who won the title of tallest dog. he measures over 7 feet from nose to tail. >> the gene simmons of the dog world. [ laughter ] all right. it is 5:26. the overpaid leaders of city of bell in southern california arrested. >> also ahead, new hope for those trapped miners in chile. they could see daylight sooner than expected. allegations of teenaged sex and an officer making a false arrest. we'll have more coming up next.
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kohara i'm er. good morning, everyone. it is wednesday, the 22nd of september. i'm sydnie kohara. >> i'm elizabeth wenger. you're looking at some live pictures of a developing story in pleasant hill where crews are still working on a water main break that i guess was reported around 7:30 last night. they are still out there this morning. >> this is not the first break in this particular pipe. there was another break earlier so they are trying to get this repaired but again, some residents were without water. we're waiting to see if they have service restored. we'll keep you posted. >> intersection of morello avenue and kiki drive there in pleasant hill. all right. our top story this morning, a san jose police officer is on
5:30 am
leave and under investigation this morning. our anne makovec is in san jose, where the officer -- let me make sure i get this right -- is accused of faking a boy's arrest to teach him a lesson, is that right? >> reporter: yes. three people are in hot water. the two teenagers for having underaged sex, allegedly, and this officer for allegedly making false arrest. he is on leave this morning as investigation continues. the officer is the father of the teenaged girl of the two she is 14 and reportly had consensual sex with her 15-year- old boyfriend. that's a misdemeanor because of their ages. the father rode his motorcycle to the boy's house last month in full uniform, allegedly to call him out. that's where the story splits. the boy's parents told the "mercury news" that the cops put handcuffs on the boy and showed cell phone video of the fake arrest. the cop's lawyer said he just lectured him. either way, the officer left without taking the boy to jail. the boy's parents decided to report incident to the san jose
5:31 am
police wondering if that might have been an abuse of power that led to their son actually being cited for the sex by another officer. the cop's daughter was also cited. according to the "mercury news," police here apparently have no formal policy against an officer investigating allegations against a family member but the city of san jose has a policy that requires all employees to be impartial in their duties. elizabeth. >> all right. anne makovec live for us in san jose this morning. thanks. there is now a sketch of the suspect who attacked two separate women near lake merritt. this is who oakland police are looking for. the attacks happened sunday night. both women robbed and sexually assaulted. women in the neighborhood are being told now to be alert and stay in well lighted areas. it's been four years since california has executed a death row inmate but that could change next week. a federal judge says he will
5:32 am
decide by friday whether the state can execute albert brown. he was convicted of the 1980 rape and murder of a 15-year- old girl in riverside county. official of san quentin say the state's refurbished death chamber will be ready for a planned execution next wednesday if the judge lift the moratorium on capital punishment. so why the moratorium? a judge said the state's lethal injection method caused great physical pain. for the first time we are getting a look at the new chamber in san quentin just outside death row in a singl story structure. it's four times bigger than the last chamber and more efficient. on the either side are witness rooms one for family and friends of the condemned, the other for the relatives and friends of his victims. time now 5:32. let's go over to gianna franco with a look at traffic. you mentioned a wind advisory earlier. is that still in effect?
5:33 am
>> it is. it's affecting the drive across the bay bridge. i'll show you the toll plaza in a second. so use caution. that advisory was issued at 3a on the 880 we have roadwork northbound 880 between high street and broadway. construction has various lanes blocked in effect until 6:30. 880 itself here's a live look no troubles to report both directions actually cleared as you pass the coliseum. eastshore freeway so far, so good. no delays to report out of richmond. here's a live look through vallejo near the carquinez bridge. traffic cruising right along. live look at the bay bridge, there is a wind advisory in effect. use caution but so far the metering lights are off. that's a look at your ride. let's check your forecast. tracy? >> hey thanks, gianna. things today are still cool. average high in concord 86 degrees. 82 santa rosa. 80 san jose.
5:34 am
72 in san francisco. today 13 degrees off the mark in concord, 76 santa rosa, 73 san jose and 66 in san francisco. we are moving into fall tonight. these temperatures still cooler than average. here's a look at some more bay area cities and today's highs. 72 kentfield. 66 half moon bay. 70 palo alto. 72 santa clara. it's cool for now. but a big warmup -- it's going to be hot, yeah. triple-digit highs are in the forecast. i'll let you know when in your seven-day forecast in just a few moments. back to you. >> thank you. two bay area teenagers are under arrest now for suspected drunk driving crashes that killed friends who were riding with them. the latest crash was early yesterday morning. an suv slammed into a pole and caught fire on almaden expressway at o'grady drive in south san jose. 18-year-old rochonry varry was trapped in the burning car and died. more than 200 people gathered
5:35 am
last night for a memorial at the scene of the crash. emily childress was the victim's ex-girlfriend. >> everyone needs to learn from this and not just like take it lightly. it's horrible. it's like the biggest tragedy. >> 18-year-old mitchell pennings from san jose was found near the accident scene. he had minor injuries. pennings is charged with felony dui and fleeing the scene of a crash and vehicular manslaughter. tests on his blood alcohol level are still out. meanwhile the 16-year-old novato high school student facing charges in a crash last week that killed a classmate has now been released from the hospital. police say he has been booked in juvenile hall on suspicion of drunk driving and vehicular manslaughter. the crash on novato boulevard killed 15-year-old isaac bratit and injured the drive and three our teens. they are all novato high school students. a change of venue denied
5:36 am
for the suspects in the murder of an east bay reporter. but the alameda county judge hearing the case did not rule out moving the trial if an impartial jury can't be seated. former "your black muslim bakery" leader yusef bey iv and antoine mackey have pled not guilty to the murder of chauncey bailey. bailey was shot to death three years ago. at the time, he was investigating the nonprofit bakery. tiburon police hope a $25,000 reward will help them solve a year old murder mystery. 75-year-old joan rosenthal was shot in the head at close range last september. her body was found just inside the gate of her driveway. investigators believe that rosenthal may have known her killer but they have run out of leads. >> it would suggest that either somebody had access that she gave somebody access, or perhaps that she had come out for some other reason and was followed back into the area by a suspect.
5:37 am
>> investigators have conducted more than 100 interviews to try and solve this case. but no suspect has been identified. the first lady is coming to california in october to try and help democrats win in november. michelle obama is scheduled to spend six days doing fundraisers for democrats next month. half of that time will be in california. she is scheduled to appear in san francisco october 25 on behalf of house speaker nancy pelosi. mrs. obama will also be at a fundraiser for senator barbara boxer who is in a close re- electionation against carly fiorina. president barack obama's top economic advisor will step down soon. the white house says lawrence summers will return to harvard university at the end of the year. his departure could give the administration a chance to revamp its economic team after the november elections. two other members of the president's original economic team have already quit.
5:38 am
governor schwarzenegger has called for a budget meeting with legislative leaders. unfortunately, he continues to fight a cold. he asked for democratic and republican leaders of the senate assembly to meet closer to his home in los angeles today. they will discuss a nearly $19 billion shortfall. a spokesman says the governor has not been to the capital in recent days and that his illness likely stems from his week-long trade mission to asia. 5:38. eight current and former leaders in the southern california city of bell will be in court this morning. they were arrested in connection with that scandal tied to their large salaries including that man, a former city manager who was making almost $800,000 a year. also arrested, his assistant the woman you just saw, who was making $376,000 as well as the mayor and other city council members. by comparison, the average resident of bell makes about $30,000 a year. those city leaders face charges
5:39 am
of corruption, misuse of funds and voter fraud. on capitol hill, senate republicans have blocked an evident to repeal the law banning gays from serving openly in the military. democrats fell short of the 60 votes needed to advance the legislation. it was part of a larger defense spending bill. republicans said they weren't given enough leeway to offer amendments to the bill. senate democrats might try again after the november election, though, to repeal "don't ask, don't tell." there is new hope now for the early rescue of 33 miners still trapped in a chilean mine. rescue tunnel may be finished earlier than expected. that tunnel was originally planned to be ready in november. crews say they are ahead of schedule. the rescue could happen as early as next month. right now a small hole is being used to send down food, water, and medical supplies to the miners. amazingly, they have actually been trapped there for more than a month. i can't believe they are still down there. >> you know, they could write a
5:40 am
wonderful book about resilience and team work and leadership. >> absolutely. >> the stories i have been reading about them and how they banded together. >> incredible. 5:40 now. how playing videogames can actually improve your health. >> and when is a bad food not so bad? kind of curious. according to some dieters when it's paired with something healthy. how healthy eaters are tricking themselves into poor decisions. [ male announcer ] as the ceo of hp, carly fiorina laid off 30,000 workers. when you're talking about massive layoffs, which we did... perhaps the work needs to be done somewhere else. [ male announcer ] fiorina shipped jobs to china. and while californians lost their jobs, fiorina tripled her salary. bought a million dollar yacht. and five corporate jets. i'm proud of what i did at hp. [ male announcer ] carly fiorina.
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outsourcing jobs. out for herself. [ barbara boxer ] i'm barbara boxer and i approve this message.
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good morning. we just got word of a brand-new accident on 101 northbound at story road. three cars involved. one vehicle possibly facing the wrong way in lanes. chp says traffic is getting by on the right shoulder. so far not too many delays.
5:43 am
we'll keep out eye on that but again northbound 101 at story lane possibly block in that area. elsewhere on 101, we are dealing with some roadwork both directions. it's going to affect your drive at brisbane and oyster point. that's north- and southbound. various lanes closed until 6:00 a.m. so they should be wrapping up within 20 minutes. so far, so good on the golden gate bridge. traffic nice across the span. no delays out of marin county. don't forget, howard street though is closed between 3rd and 4th streets in san francisco. this is due to oracle open world, it's also going to affect your drive from mason, shut down between ellis and o'farrell. they are recommend recommending to use mass transit. it's clear. bay bridge here's a shot of the upper deck of the bay bridge. we have a wind advisory in effect. use caution. so far, so good at the toll plaza. the metering lights are off and no delays. sluggish westbound 580 at the altamont pass usual delays. westbound 4 delays not too bad
5:44 am
working your way off the antioch bridge but you will see sluggish conditions on the westbound side through there. that's a check of your traffic. here's tracy with your forecast. hey, thanks, gianna. low clouds inland, temperatures in the 40s and 50s. partly cloudy conditions around the bay, and breezy this morning. 55 to 60. and low clouds at the coast with temperatures in the 50s. for the afternoon, sunny skies on tap. mild temperatures 70 to 78 degrees. mostly sunny and breezy and the bay. 65 to 68. a nice breeze at the coast, as well. west winds up to 20 miles an hour along the coast, temperatures from 60 to 65 degrees. breezy conditions are compliments of a minor frontal system clouds associated with it moving through the bay area, leaving us again with a nice sea breeze and also going to leave with us plenty of sunshine. 71 degrees expected today in fremont.
5:45 am
72 in milpitas. 75 in morgan hill. 70 degrees in sunnyvale. 70 in palo alto. 70 degrees in san mateo and the lower 60s just along the coastline in daly city and in pacifica. along the bay, 64 in richmond. 65 degrees in berkeley. 68 in oakland. lower to the mid-70s from walnut creek to danville. 71 in dublin. 74 pleasanton. warmest spot today shy of 80 degrees 78 in antioch and 78 in brentwood. north bay location today 69 in vallejo. 69 in novato. mid-70s from fairfield to sonoma. 74 in petaluma. 72 kentfield. 65 sausalito. 66 san francisco. fall arrives at 8:09 tonight. and take a look at the first full day of fall. thursday things are warming up. friday even more so. check out that weekend. just can't make this stuff up. saturday, sunday, monday and even tuesday, mid up to upper
5:46 am
90s inland, near 80 at the bay and lower to the mid-70s at the coast. it's going to be hot. that's a look at your weather. back up to you. >> i know. but aren't the leaves supposed to change soon? >> the leaves are typically supposed to change around thyme of the year but not so much not yet. >> i got a great email from bill up in mendocino county, tracy, and he says, us hill people love the show and they watch, so i'll have to email hill back and ask him if the leaves are changing. >> we need our first frost first. >> thanks very much. it is 5. 46. in the headlines, several streets closed in pleasant hill as crews try to fix a water main break. the break was reported about 7:30 last night. these are live pictures. not a nice sight this morning. it is at morello and kiki. this is the second break in the area in the past eight days. the san jose metropolitan area has the worst roads in the country. that's according to the national transportation research group trip. car was going backwards that
5:47 am
road is so bad. the report says 64% of roads are in poor condition. four of the five worst roads are in the bay area. governor schwarzenegger is meeting with the state assembly meeting closer to his home in los angeles. they are going to discuss a nearly $19 billion budget deficit. today is the 84th day the state has gone without a budget. not good. the owner of an iowa egg farm involved in this summer's massive egg recall says he was horrified to learn his eggs may have made so many people sick. the heads of two iowa egg farms will appear at a congressional hearing today. they will look into the salmonella outbreak that sickened more than 1,000 people. lawmakers say they want to find the cause of the outbreak to prevent future problems. the farmers believe that ingredients sold to them from an outside supplier may have caused the problem. bedbug experts have in
5:48 am
chicago for the first american north american bedbug summit. the two-day event was created to confront the growing bedbug invasion. officials and businesses are attending. the latest technologies and treatments are on display at that event. ugh. all right. a new study shows playing videogames can improve vision for adults with lazy eye. researchers at uc-berkeley found patients had better vision and 3-d perception after spending 40 hours playing videogames. lazy eye is a brain disorder that causes vision in one eye to develop improperly. now, until now, there were few treatments for adults available. >> i think that's a treatment a lot of young adults would enjoy. >> wonder if it would help vision far away. i need play more. >> i'm terrible at it. >> yeah. good advice, eat more fresh fruits, veggies, wild salmon. we are eating healthier for the most part so why are we still gaining weight? dr. kim mulvihill on what
5:49 am
researchers called the dieter's paradox. >> reporter: there are good foods and there are bad foods. and then there's what's called the dieter's paradox. that's when you add a good healthy food item to a bad unhealthy meal and voila, the calories disappear. >> i wouldn't think so, no. >> that would be nice, wouldn't it? >> i think whatever makes you feel less guilty about what you're eating... [ laughter ] >> mmm! >> reporter: researchers found it's true that calories do disappear but only in your mind. roughly 1,000 individuals primarily women were shown four unhealthy meals and were then asked to calculate the calories. but every time a healthy item was added to the unhealthy meal, presto change-o, the perceived total calorie count dropped, especially among those who are watching their weight. for example, chili with beef was thought to contain 690 calories but add a small salad without dressing to the meal and the perceived total calories dropped 11%, to 621 calories.
5:50 am
a burger alone was thought to contain 734 calories. add a few celery sticks, women thought they were eating 619. that's nearly 16% fewer calories. dr. kim mulvihill, cbs 5 healthwatch. totally makes sense. dr. kim reminds us, adding any food item to a meal is going to increase, remember, increase, not decrease calories. so she says eat healther in foods but be realistic and learn how to count those calories. it's so easy to say, oh, yeah, you know, that diet coke will make all the difference in the world. >> even celery has like two calories in it. >> very filling though. >> yeah. 5:50. another check of traffic and weather. >> and a bay area organization wins the award for employer of the year. the san francisco giants are still on top of the national league west...,,,,
5:51 am
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the guys who drive a heavy duty truck, have some heavy duty demands. like enough horsepower and torque to get out of just about any situation. a payload that beats the other guys flat out. a frame sturdy enough to bear up a max towing capacity that's over 10 tons. and a braking system tough enough to bring it all to a stop. heavy duty demands? gentlemen, your truck is ready.
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are still on top of the national league west... a beautiful shot of the bay bridge on this wednesday morning. now it officially turns fall, what later this evening. but it's going to feel like fall all day. tracy says we have temperatures in the 70s. >> then we heat back up again like 90s for this weekend. so you're going to have to put away the fall tweed for a while. >> looks nice. not going to be a lot of clouds out there today. so enjoy this nice crisp day. 5:53. the giants still enjoying the lead in the national league west still on top. they are half a game ahead of san diego. they got by the chicago cubs last night 1-0. the only run, there it was, buster posey's 15
5:54 am
home run of the season in the 8th inning. giants pretty confident starts selling play-off tickets yesterday. they are only available though at the giants' website, or by phone. the oakland as out of the play-offs but they played a role in the race last night. oakland's 7-2 win over the chicago white sox giving the american league central title to the minnesota twins. they were celebrating the first time to clinch a play-off spot. the oakland zoo has won the award for employer of the year. they were given that honor by the nonprofit marriott foundation for participating in a program called bridges from school to work. bridges provides job opportunities for young people with disabilities. this is the second year the zoo has participated in the program. but the first time it has won the award. each year the zoo hires between 6 and 12 people from the program to work during the summer and over the holiday season. love the oakland zoo. there is a community debate
5:55 am
in the pleasant hill/walnut creek area over putting an in-n- out burger fast-food restaurant in. some claim that it's going to cause too much traffic, noise and trash. this community debate brings to us our question of the day: food... how convenient for nearby residents on't have ever seen an in-n-out burger that doesn't have a long line? >> that would so be me. i would be there every day. getting their secret menu. have you seen their secret men sue? >> no. >> they have a secret menu. i don't feel like cooking today. >> i can see both sides. i mean, convenient, but there is a lot of traffic. they are very, very popular. >> send your comments to or post your answers on
5:56 am
facebook. we're also on twitter. all right. it is 5:55. let's get a check of your traffic and commute. how's it looking? >> we have just a bit of a minor sna in san jose. clearing out of lanes, northbound 101 at story. the number 2 lane is blocked but again they are working on getting it over to the right shoulder so slight delays as you approach the scene. we have a second accident north 101 right at 680. a little sluggish through there but again they are trying to get everything off to the side of the road. from you going to take 280 through san jose, not bad. that looks good. traffic light through there. live look at the san jose san jose bridge, both directions problem-free, no troubles across the span and bay bridge the metering lights are off at the toll plaza but we have a wind advisory in effect so use caution crossing the span. that's a look that's a check of your traffic. here's tracy with your forecast. >> hey, thanks, gianna. >> i love in-n-out. that's one of the few places i actually wait that line for an extended period of time. seven-day forecast, here we go. 78 degrees today inland. upper 60s around the bay. mid-60s for the coastline.
5:57 am
we are warming up thursday and friday as temperatures for the weekend pretty hot. mid-90s inland. take a look at monday, 99 degrees. 97 for tuesday. temperatures around the bay will be in the lower 80s and the lower to mid-70s for the coastline. yeah. it's going to be pretty hot going into the weekend. our mypix photo: >> if you have a photo would you like to share, send it to and i will include it in my weathercast. that's a look at your weather. back up to you. >> thank you. 5:57. the district attorney calls it corruption on steroids. >> ahead at 6:00, the bell salary scandal takes center stage in court today. the 8 former and current city leaders sitting in jail right now. a live report on what charges they are facing. and a criminal investigation on a police officer accused of making a false arrest on a teenaged boy
5:58 am
believed to have had sex with his teenaged daughter. we'll get some context live from a former prosecutor coming up next. ,, ,, greed. the wealthiest corporations. billions in profits and bonuses. and the sacramento politicians just gave these same corporations a new billion dollar handout... paid for by cuts to education and public safety with no guarantee of creating one new job. but we can change this by voting yes on proposition 24. prop 24 repeals the billion dollar giveaway and protects our schools and communities.
5:59 am
yes on prop 24. it's time to give us a break... not the big corporations.


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